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Norcon is dedicated to the company's involvement in environmental programs throughout the world. Norcon performs environmental impact studies, feasibility studies, financial and economic studies, equipment selection and design of waste separation and recycling facilities, marketing of recovered materials, and operation and keeping records of facilities. 

Norcon through engineering, design, equipment manufacturing and installation, provides cities, counties and countries sensible environmentally friendly and cost effective ways of managing municipal solid waste (MSW). Norcon sees the MSW stream as an asset and not a liability. The MSW stream, when properly separated, recycled, composted or gasified can generate a significant revenue for a community and extend the life of a landfill indefinitely. The process will also produce local jobs through the collection and processing of waste that is presently going to a landfill.

Norcon and associates also designs and installs  gasifiers that meet or exceed EPA and European air quality standards. These systems enable a customer to process the remaining materials from the recycling/separation process and produce clean energy in the form of steam or electricity.

A single gasifier system can process up to 100 metric tons per day (MTD) and when used in concert with the Norcon separation and recycling system can reduce the material going to the landfill by as much as 90%+.  For larger amounts of MSW, multiple gasifiers are used based on a feasibility study.

Hospital and medical waste gasification, by Norcon, eliminate a large environmental problem associated with the proper disposal of these wastes. The heat from the process can be recovered to produce steam for use in the facility or produce electricity when the volume of waste is of a sufficient amount.

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